Sunday, November 7, 2010


13 years old, on my bike with an oversized anti-skip discman, free to do whatever i wanted and making my way to god-knows-where (well, actually I would usually be going to either Donato's pizza or the local cd store); breaking rules that didn't seem to make sense and feeling accomplished in doing so. What kinds of rules, you ask? For the time being I'll leave that up to your imagination. Either way, the confidence and comfort I felt in experiencing freedom on those bike-rides is exactly what I want to resurrect in my present-day journey. Taking to my "bike" and setting out in pursuit of self-expression in the midst of a world that typically hands down expectation for the user. Sure there are roads that have been paved and paths cut out but it's now up to free-thinkers, the trail-blazers to begin experiencing the untouched frontiers that are waiting to be explored. New possibilities for past and present "ideas" to take on the risk of future. The same boldness I felt while listening to Kurt Cobain talk about "no recess" now gives me a glimpse into what it takes for me to push open the door, head out of "school" and into the unknown.

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