Tuesday, March 17, 2009

equation #1

question + no answer = truth

This equation may seem counter-intuitive due to its lack of an answer, but in fact it is quite revealing. This 'lack of an answer' reveals the complexity of life with all of its experiences which are interpreted in a number of different ways. This is how *individuality* remains consistent even though we might live within the same cultural environment, i.e. each of us look at a situations in an objective posture. So, the lack of an answer promotes individuality by allowing each "self" to interpret a particular insight on their own without interference from another. Systems of power fight against ambiguity because of fear; fear that is caused by an interpretation that is in disagreement with the *one that is promoted top down. The equation above fights for organic truth with its "from below" approach and its value for freedom.

Each human self acquires a bit of its own truth which naturally becomes personally ingrained. Is it possible to continue community in the midst of contextual truths at work? Systems and structures would most likely say "no," but I continue to promote a loud "yes!" In order to live alongside one another in a healthy fashion we must develop a type of belief transcendence. In other words, I must be able to treat my brothers and sisters exactly the same way no matter the differences between us. Otherwise, our agenda is disguised with conversation and judgment disguised with "stance." Power structures are only concerned with outcome, specifically personal gain. The 'lack of an answer' truncates power structures by literally taking the power back which consequently silences cheap talk and empowers the marginalized.

Personal truth is ingrained in life per se and individuality is necessary for equality.


Brittian said...

This is such a great equation and observation. Seriously I love it. Thanks for sharing it. I suspect that there will be those who challenge such an equation. But here's the counter balance...I used to say, in my more "deeper Christian life" days "Anything added to Christ immediately subtracts Christ!" I think most Christians, most fundamentalists can get behind this. In essence this is exactly what you are saying. The Question, which if we can think of it so crassly, is Truth on the move--a searching for Truth, with no additives equals Truth....

Now here's a question...can we ever get away from the additive, the insertion of our own internal answer? Isn't doubt just as much of an answer in the end? In essence I'm questioning the "pure" Question. If the "pure" question is unattainable, then in some ways won't "absolute Truth" also be a more dynamic undeconstructable (not quite) event?

Anyhow...thanks for making me think this morning!

Spencer said...

Thanks for the comment, Brittian. "Truth on the move--a searching for Truth," i really like this. It feels "organic." :)

Your second paragraph is deep and I definitely had to warm up for a response, so hopefully I respond to what you are getting at. Feel free to clean it up.
I don't think humanity, on this side of history, could ever get away from the "additive" and I would agree that the pursuit of a "pure" question affords individuals with a lot of "opportunity." Maybe this dynamic, not quite event could be interpreted as our typical Xn "struggle." In other words, since there is no present, attainable pure question, beauty develops in the allowance of our own unavoidable personal "additives." So, doubt holds the potential to be just as valid as faith.

All that being said, we still have to respond to "absolute Truth." I would posit that absolute Truth is separate from as well as "above" the pure question. The "question" is somewhat of a commentary, or resource that reflects upon absolute Truth. In some areas we question Truth and in other areas we believe it...both of which prove the existence of some kind of absolute Truth, albeit cloudy for now. What is this absolute Truth? Maybe it's best to take an apophatic approach in regards to this equation, but I think it is still worthwhile to ask the question, struggle with the Holy Spirit for an answer that is personal, relevant and contextual, while trying our hardest to get as close as we can to "Truth on the move" while allowing one another the same luxury.