Wednesday, December 10, 2008

make sense

i hope that what i spend my time writing on this page 'makes sense'. i have this fear that the pieces of information that sparkle on the sidewalk and cause me to stop and admire remain concrete and rather bland to others. i hope that i write well enough for you to not only understand what i am saying but to read emotion as well. this is kind of the reason why i am writing this post. i decided to write how i was feeling and since i was just reading other blogs i decided to reflect on mine. my hope is to open up my life and my experiences for sharing in the same way i get excited about someone else's experience...which i think is a good trajectory. i wonder how all of our lives are going to play out in the coming years; the stories that stir up happiness as well the stories that cause great pain.

with the amount of variety we all have in our families and friendships, i hope that we take the time to 'connect' with one another. we sometimes connect face to face and sometimes we connect via technology, which right now is happening by you reading this text that has been encrypted by some fashion of web programming. i probably could have explained that better if i had not failed computer technology in my fresh/freshman year of college. anyways, i read other people's blogs, and even if i dont know them i somehow feel a sense of connection; the same thing goes for books i read. i have recently decided to email a few authors of the books that have played some form of transformation in my life. In one case the author did write back and i could tell he had taken time with the email. i felt connected. furthermore, without connection what do end up with? what depth is brought from a simple monologue designed to tell and not reveal? there is a difference between telling and revealing; i can tell you something or i could reveal something. revealing something is a lot less demonstrative which means that the listener or reader feels more inclined to respond by continuing the process and revealing something of their on and so on.

well. maybe you feel disconnected at this point. let me encourage all of you to take time and connect with friends. reveal something important in your life and allow time to hear their part too. be hospitable to one another. im off. peace.

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