Wednesday, October 22, 2008

questioning questions

I think the title of this blog encapsulates how i have been feeling lately. The past year and a half i feel like i have been walking down a country road with no destination in sight, no country store along the way, no ghost towns, no cracker barrel. I pass by corn fields, over bridges, through pasture, and forests yet still i walk. Its as if my destination is meant to be a wanderer and nothing else. I anticipate the rest-stops with the hope of finding a moment of rest and clarity maybe even the chance to stay for awhile. At the end of this thought, i still walk.

Road-trip endings are always the longest. I have driven back and forth between Minneapolis and Indianapolis two dozen times or so and it has been proven the the last 100 miles of the trip are always the longest. maybe this is good advice for me. then again, maybe im not even to the 100 mile marker and ive got a ways to go. I do question a lot of things right now; 'who am i?' 'who is God?' 'what is Christianity?' 'what is spirituality?' all of which seem important to consider. (note: to 'question' is different than 'doubt' in this context. Questioning is a healthy practice whereas doubting has more of a possibility to truncate.) Continuing with this rhetorical question, "Are ever supposed to 'have' all the answers?" Some will say "Well, i don't have all the answers, but i have a real good idea of what they are." A good idea of what though? Maybe your real good idea is different than my good idea. Maybe you interpret the good idea differently than i interpret the good idea. Maybe we are both right but maybe we are both wrong. Someone who seems to have all the answers has silenced his/her surroundings and eschewed reality.

I think I'm learning what it means to have an open life, a concerned life, an inspired life. I am always energized by what kinds of experiences others are going through and how their passions and ideals are impacting their direction. I would be complete to live in a community where openness is virtue. If you are wondering what kind of individuals don't think there are any questions out there to ponder, they are robots. Questioning questions is healthy. It adds depth. Remember in Back to the Future where they had that baseball almanac brought back from the future and Biff got a hold of it trying to make all those killer sports bets? Besides making millions of dollars what fun is that? (tongue in cheek) For real though, there is no genuine experience available here. Without questions we would be left with stale minds. Life is not an almanac brought 'Back to the Future'.

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